Transform your regular clothes into maternity clothes

You’re pregnant – yaay!

We know you’re wondering if you’ll have to change your wardrobe…Well, not entirely.

Let’s start with what you already have:


We all know how uncomfortable they can be ordinarily. Now with the fluctuating size during this period it can be worse. So to make it less snug you can add bra extenders. 


Photo Credit: Fashion Forms Bra Extender


When you are pregnant and your pre-pregnancy jeans are suddenly uncomfortable, wear a belly band folded over to hold up, unbuttoned pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, skirts, shorts… any bottoms. 

You know those lovely blouses that get you compliments every single time you wear them? Don’t say “Good bye, see you later” to them yet simply because they’re now getting short in length.

All you have to do is get a belly band or make one yourself. What’s a belly band you say? A belly band is a soft piece of stretchy fabric that fits around the waist. 


Photo Credit:A Beautiful Mess

For a belly band which also fights stretch marks and is available for delivery to all cities in Nigeria and Ghana, click here.


That really nice shirt that looks good on the hubby, borrow it (even though we know you won’t return it). You can pair a piece of oversize shirt on jeans and if you’re feeling like a fashionista, you can add elastic material under the bust. It accentuates the bump. 



You can still rock your favourite skinny jeans. Those jeans you used to rock before now still can keep you trendy. All you have to do is use a rubber band or a hair tie.


Photo credit: DIY Maternity

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