Choose The Breast Pump That Suits You

Now you’ve figured out what you really need in a breast pump. The next step is to make a choice, based on the features that you want it to have and what works for your pocket.

We’ve made a pick of the best breast pumps that work for every type of mum and every budget.

The Working Mum


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Medela Freestyle® Breastpump Deluxe Set

Buy Freestyle at our online store.

The Freestyle includes rechargeable batteries and a lightweight motor  providing a mobile pumping experience to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

It comes with  detachable pump and LED display, providing a mobile pumping experience to keep up with your busy lifestyle



web 13Medela Pump In Style® Advanced

Buy Pump In Style at our online store.

It’s double-electric and designed for everyday use. It uses AA batteries (not included). It’s available in three bag styles but The Metro Bag™  is the best option because the pump is detachable.



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Ameda Purely Yours Ultra™ Breast Pump

Buy Purely Yours at our online store.

Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump is a closed-system, single-user pump intended to help mothers to safely and effectively express and store her milk when she is unable to nurse directly. The Ultra has updated features including larger, easy-to-use control dials and an easy-to-clean exterior finish.

It uses AA batteries (not included).



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Lanisoh  2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump

Buy 2-in-1 at our online store.

Lansinoh’s 2-in-1 Electric Breast Pump is the ultimate choice for women who want both comfort and flexibility when they are expressing their breast milk as the lightweight design means it can be used as either a single or double electric breast pump.



For mums that don’t need to pump more than a bottle per time.

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Medela Swing™ Single Electric Breast Pump

Buy Swing™ at our online store

Swing is an occasional use breast pump for lactating women to express and collect milk from their breast to complement breastfeeding and is a single user product.



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Ameda Purely Yours Una Single Electrical Breast Pump

Buy Una at our online store

Whether you are returning to work or want a fast pumping experience the Ameda Una single electric breast pump, designed for daily use, is the ideal breast pump. Pump more milk in less time and effort with the Purely Yours Una Single Electric Breastpump.



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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump

Buy  at our online store

One of the most affordable electric breast pumps on the market, not ideal for everyday use but perfect if you need a pump on the go.



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Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump

Buy Harmony at our online store.



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Tommee Tippee Freedom Manual Breast Pump

Buy Freedom Manual at our online store.







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