Your guide to picking the right car seat


Why do you even need a child safety seat?

Because it’s an essential part of car safety. Child seats save lives.

Strapping a baby properly reduces risks in car accidents.

Buying and installing a car seat can seem overwhelming. When you wander down the aisles of your local baby store, the sheer number and variety of car seats can make you dizzy.

You just need to consider three things:

  • Your baby’s age
  • Your baby’s weight and height
  • Whether the car seat meets safety standards


Newborn and Infants

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For newborns and infants. Most pediatricians recommend children ride in rear-facing seats as long as possible.. The old thinking that a child is ready for a forward-facing seat when he’s 12 months old and reaches 20 pounds (9kg) is outdated — height is the most important concern.

The child has outgrown the seat when the middle of his head (or top of his ears) is above the top of the seat, or when their shoulder level is above the top harness slot.

When your baby reaches the weight or height limits for her infant seat, move her to a forward-facing convertible car seat.



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These function as both rear-facing seats for babies and toddlers and forward-facing seats for older children.They are mostly designed to hold a child of up to 40 pounds (18kg) (both rear-facing and forward-facing).

Children must be at least 2-years-old or have reached the maximum height or weight capacity of the car seat.


Age 4+

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One problem is that seat belts designed to fit adult bodies don’t hold children securely. However, children who use a booster seat reduce their chance of a crash-related injury by 45 percent. That’s because the booster does exactly what its name suggests: It boosts your child high enough for your vehicle’s lap and shoulder belts to restrain her safely.

Children should be over 40 pounds (18kg). Around 8 years of age, they may be ready to graduate to the adult seat belt used without a booster in the back seat of the car — never the front seat. Check to see that both the lap and shoulder belts fit snugly.


Joie Car Seat Guide

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