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What is a Baby Registry?

Have you been wondering what a Baby Registry is about?

Not to worry, we’ve got you! Let’s start with the small details.

A baby registry is a list of items that helps you to focus on the things that your baby will need for their first year of life and beyond. It typically includes a mix of big-ticket items, like cribs and car seats, and smaller stuff, like onesies and swaddles.

But I am/am not having a baby shower, so why do I need this?

That’s true but you should know that whether you’re having a baby shower or not, a registry is a great way to help guide your friends and family members shopping for baby gifts anyway.

Baby shower or not, you should know that creating a baby registry allows you to:

1. Get expert guidance:

You can get the advice you need, right when you need it. Our curated questions help to determine your preferences and makes your gear choices easier.

2. Get EXACTLY what you need:

Let’s face it, your friends, family and baby shower attendees might not know your taste. Also, if they aren’t like you, the possibility of them buying baby products that do not fit into your parenting style is very high. A registry is a convenient and polite way to let your guests know what you really want.

3. Build and manage your registry wherever you are.

4. Reach far-flung family and friends:

You should know that an online baby registry (like the one you just created) makes shopping for baby more convenient for family and friends who don’t live near you. They also get the opportunity to ship the gift directly to you or to the baby shower location, saving them multiple delivery costs.

That’s not all, after creating a registry you can also:

● Update your preferences and add things that you need

● Share with your friends and family that want to get you gifts for your baby

Would you like to create a baby registry? Click here to book a free consultation with our care team. It’ll take you less than 30-minutes, I promise ❤️

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