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Demystifying Mental Wholeness for Mums (Part 3)

Part two of this series focuses on certain areas that affect our mental health. If you missed it, you can read it here

Different Ways You Can Help Someone Struggling With A Maternal Mental Health Challenge

Here are a few ideas:

  • ASK a mom how she is doing. Really look her in the eye and ask about HER – not about her children or her home.
  • NORMALIZE her experience. Let her know that she is not alone, that lots of women have a tough time in the transition to motherhood and that help is available.
  • HELP by offering to take care of the children so she can take a nap, take a shower, or take a break. Do a chore: cook dinner, fold the laundry, do the dishes, walk the talk.
  • CONNECT her with help. Either by getting her to see a therapist or connect her with a support group like Postpartum Support Network Africa; an organization on a mission to educate mothers about postpartum depression and provide support to families across Africa.

Every mother deserves to be happy and healthy. Happy, healthy moms make happy, healthy families.

In conclusion, if we think of mental wholeness as a process, a lifelong process that we work on daily through life’s vicissitudes and changes, we would develop happiness with our current state of being.

What do you think mama?

We’d love to know.

  • How would you define mental wholeness
  • Do you think it’s something that is attainable given your current reality?
  • What other factors would you add to this list?

This blogpost was extracted from a mumpod conversation with Dr Gbonjubola Abiri, a Psychiatrist and Mental Advocate.

Also, if you would like to join a safe space you can discuss everything synonymous with motherhood, you can click this link to join us now.

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