Healthy Hygiene During Pregnancy

Keeping good hygiene during pregnancy is important. It will keep infections and unnecessary health issues away. Good hygiene at any time is an important part of self-care, but this common or simple routine comes into the spotlight during pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes many hormonal changes. Therefore it is important to maintain healthy hygiene as a pregnant woman.

Here are some simple tips and insights to help maintain healthy hygiene during pregnancy.

  • Pregnant women may experience increased vaginal discharge which sometimes stimulates bacterial growth.  A simple solution is to avoid wearing tight jeans or panties. Stick to cotton-only underwear to maintain air circulation. Kindly remember to change your underwear. Do not wear or repeat your underwear for two days.
  • Your dental health is important to your everyday health. You need to brush and floss your teeth at least once a day. It prevents tooth decay and will help you maintain healthy gums.  You may not feel like brushing your teeth especially if you are experiencing nausea in morning sickness, but you can decide to clean your teeth and mouth in the evening when you are feeling less nauseous. In case of any gum condition, take it seriously and schedule an appointment with a dentist.
  • Your skin maybe sweating more than usual during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and the chances of catching skin infections maybe on the rise. Also, as the pregnancy progresses, some women tend to gain weight leading to multiple folds in the body. It means you should pay attention to your body, take regular baths with mild body soaps. Hormone changes during pregnancy can cause dry and scaly skin; donโ€™t forget to apply lotions to help soothe the skin.

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